Partners and Subsidiaries

In order to strengthen our service capabilities further, we have established collaborations with validated partners for analyses exceeding the capacity of Redoxis internal resources.

Red Glead Discovery

Red Glead Discovery delivers high quality solutions with respect to preclinical services to support small molecule and peptide drug projects. In-house capabilities span across a large part of the drug discovery process chain from screening compounds for Hit identification to optimization of lead compounds towards candidate drugs, such as organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, peptide chemistry, analytical chemistry, in vitro ADME, assay development & screening, bioanalysis, NMR. Our project management skills and cross-disciplinary capabilities make us a preferred partner for clients that want to develop compounds with high potential to become successful drugs.


ProNoxis AB

ProNoxis AB was founded in 2009 by LU Bioscience AB (LUBio), Karolinska Development AB, and Redoxis AB, as a Redoxis spin-off focusing on developing anti-inflammatory therapeutics targeting activation of the NADPH oxidase complex (NOX2). Since 2012 it is fully owned by Redoxis AB.

ProNoxis focuses on the development of small-molecule drugs to treat chronic inflammation.