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Redoxis is a CRO with core expertise and focus on preclinical drug development and efficacy evaluation in models of autoimmune disease. With the roots in academic research we are continuously updating our portfolio of models and are connected to the latest immunology research. We take great pride in personal communication and commitment in our studies – for the benefit of your preclinical project! 

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Redoxis is a Swedish CRO with a core competence and experience in preclinical models for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. We provide a wide range of in vivo and in vitro models validated with standard reference therapies. These models are excellent tools for investigation of therapeutic efficacy and MoA of novel therapies.

Redoxis performs tailor-made preclinical studies combining dedication, experience and agility to provide reliable results to your project.

Please contact us for an overview of our services, advice on model selection or study setup and quotes.

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