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Customized services in preclinical inflammation

  • We bring excellence and dedication to your contract research
Cell based assays

With a fully equipped immunology lab, we provide on demand In vitro and ex vivo immunology assays including efficacy studies, MoA studies and biomarker analysis

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Disease models

Our focus is preclinical models of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions including models of RA, MS, GBS, SLE, Psoriasis, Gout and sepsis. We continuously add models to our portfolio and are use to set up and validate models on demand.

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Tissue collection & analysis

We perform analysis of blood, cells and tissue including PK studies, histology, cytokine profiling, recall and re-stimulation assays as follow up or stand alone studies

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Mutated mice/breeding

We have an internal breeding of B6NQ mice with a spontaneous mutation in the Ncf1 gene making them more susceptible to autoimmune diseases. These mice can be used for most inflammatory mouse models for increased susceptibility or targeted investigation on the role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in inflammation.

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Redoxis - Your personal CRO

Redoxis is a Swedish CRO with a core competence and experience in preclinical models for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. We provide a wide range of in vivo and in vitro models validated with standard reference therapies. These models are excellent tools for investigation of therapeutic efficacy and MoA of novel therapies.

Redoxis performs tailor-made preclinical studies combining dedication, experience and agility to provide reliable results to your project.

Please contact us for an overview of our services, advice on model selection or study setup and quotes. 

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Contact us

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