Customised Services in Preclinical Inflammation

Tissue collection and analysis

As a standard, we always collect serum and relevant tissue samples following an in vivo experiment. These samples can then be analysed by us in house or shipped to customer for own analyses. We can also collect samples from naive and diseased animals for analysis upon demand.

Tissue collection


At the end of experiment we collect samples for histological analysis of respective disease (upon demand). For arthritis we collect joints and score them according to level of cellular infiltration and bone and cartilage destruction. For PNS and CNS inflammation (EAN/EAE) we collect spinal cord or peripheral nerve for studies of demyelination and cellular infiltration. For SLE models we collect kidneys for analysis of IgG and C3 deposits. We have internal histology capacity and for studies were we do not have competence we have several trusted partners that we can subcontract.

Looking with microscope

Pharmacokinetic studies

We can together with Red Glead Discovery offer PK studies in rats and mice. Redoxis performs the in vivo part of the experiment and hands over samples to Red Glead for analysis. The close relation and the fact that we are located in the same premises optimises study planning, setup and handling as well as minimising the costs. Please contact us for quotes and more information on our analytic capacities.

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