Customised Services in Preclinical Inflammation

Additional Services

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

During the Eurostars funded EU project E!9215 - IMAID (Advanced in vivo imaging service for preclinical models to improve therapies in Autoimmune Diseases) we have had the opportunity to work with Image analysis group (UK) and LBIC (Lund University, Lund, SE) to set up and validate advanced in vivo imaging analysis in preclinical models of autoimmune conditions. Within the EU program we have evaluated MRI analysis of both arthritis and MS models in rats using the Image analysis Dynamica platform.

Redoxis offer standardised in vivo imaging models with relevance for autoimmune diseases including RA and MS. Image Analysis offer state of the art in vivo imaging computer aided diagnosis for detection of inflammation in animal models. Their cloud based platform Dynamika provide multiple analytic tools within a common user interface. Their DEMRIQ test are validated for clinical studies and represent a more automated assessment system based on dynamic contrast enhanced MRI.

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MRI on contrast dynamics in rat paws with mild arthritis (left) and severe arthritis (right)



Mice with increased susceptibility for autoimmune conditions

Ncf1 mutated mice

Mice with a spontaneous mutation in the Ncf1 gene encoding the p47phox subunit of the phagocytic NOX2 complex have been shown to have increased susceptibility to various autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. Redoxis are currently establishing a colony of these mice on B6 background with MHCII class q. These mice will later be used in our services as well as available for purchase (estimated spring 2017).


Mutated mouse on a white background