Customised Services in Preclinical Inflammation

Publicerad 2022-01-11

Redoxis and Amarna Therapeutics receive EUREKA Eurostars grant for project ALPHAVAC

We are happy to announce that Redoxis, together with our Dutch partner Amarna Therapeutics has been awarded a €0,8 million grant from EUREKA Eurostars to establish a screening platform for the advancement of potential first-in-class gene therapy for ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases using Amarna´s proprietary SVec viral vector platform.

In this project, ALPHAVAC, Amarna and Redoxis will develop a screening platform based on Alphaviruses, AlphaSelect, to identify and validate the therapeutic potential of specific self-antigens in neurodegenerative disease. The platform will be used by Redoxis to develop an inducible ALS model and subsequently, Amarna will use the model in tolerization experiments to evaluate therapeutic targets for development of SVec-based gene therapy for ALS.

Read more about the project and Amarna Therapeutics here Lab