Customised Services in Preclinical Inflammation

Publicerad 2020-06-08

We are growing even stronger

A warm welcome to Jens Holmberg, PhD, the latest addition to our team.

Jens has a background in preclinical inflammation research with extensive experience in inflammatory in vivo and in vitro models. During his 15 years of post-PhD-experience at Biotech & Medtech companies, Jens has also experienced chief officer positions with focus on putting the company in a scientifically competitive position and to build company value. Jens will in his position as Scientific Director support our CRO team and also function as the project leader for Redoxis work in the Neutrocure program (H2020-FETOPEN) funded by the European union. We are very happy to have Jens aboard and are looking forward to some great research during the next years.

Jens Holmberg