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Master project available

Successful translation of in vitro results to in vivo proof of concept data is essential in early drug development. Traditionally, in vitro models have had major limitations in predictability but the use of 3D cell cultures, mimicking structures in which cells resides in vivo, increased translatability can be achieved. We are now, in collaboration with Cellevate, looking for a student interested to take on a master project where new 3D ex vivo models for skin inflammatory diseases will be validated and evaluated for use in early drug discovery. The project will involve both practical lab work as well as in-depth theory and engineering of 3D nanofiber networks.

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Redoxis´ first PhD student

Alex Moreno joined our company fall of 2018 as an early stage researcher through the European Training Network COSMIC, funded from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (NO 765158). Since then he has been focusing his research on B cell development and antibody mediated effects in arthritis models with very promising results. We are now happy to have him starting his doctoral education as an industrial PhD student at Redoxis, under supervision of Prof. Rikard Holmdahl at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. During the next four years Alex will continue his work on evaluating the effect of antibodies in various models of autoimmune arthritis as well as characterise the B cell response in those models in a close collaboration between Redoxis and the research group at KI. .

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New lab celebration

In the end of December, Redoxis moved into new lab facilities within Medicon Village. With increased lab space and more offices, the new facilities allows us to continue our expansion and supports our aim to grow further within the next few years. An additional benefit from moving is that we are now closely situated to other CRO companies with complementing services, facilitating cross-company discussions and collaborations. Last week, we invited our new neighbours to an inauguration party to celebrate the we are now up and running in our new lab in building 403.

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NeutroCure kick-off meeting

Last week, we successfully kicked off the Horizon 2020 funded FETOPEN program NeutroCure (agreement No 861878). The consortium, with partners from Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg and Universitatsklinikum Erlangen (Germany), University of Surrey (UK), Lvivskyi Nationalnyi Medychinyi Universytet Imeni Danyla Halytskoho (Ukraine), Centro Nacional de Investigiciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (F.S.P) (Spain) and Institute Gustave Roussy (France) meet in Erlangen for a day of discussions on neutrofils and oxidation in regulation of the immune system. Redoxis look forward to the next five years of collaboration and the research that will be the result of this. We aim to identify candidate ROS amplifier drugs and prodrugs to treat pathogenic conditions arising due to insufficient production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), including autoimmune disease, cancer and bone marrow ablation. We will advance these drugs from lab bench to pre-clinical validation studies obtaining new drugs with strong therapeutic value.

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Open position – Senior Scientist

We are looking to expand our team with a senior scientist with immunology background. Please see attached description for further information. Last day to apply is 23rd of February.

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