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NeutroCure kick-off meeting

Last week, we successfully kicked off the Horizon 2020 funded FETOPEN program NeutroCure (agreement No 861878). The consortium, with partners from Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg and Universitatsklinikum Erlangen (Germany), University of Surrey (UK), Lvivskyi Nationalnyi Medychinyi Universytet Imeni Danyla Halytskoho (Ukraine), Centro Nacional de Investigiciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (F.S.P) (Spain) and Institute Gustave Roussy (France) meet in Erlangen for a day of discussions on neutrofils and oxidation in regulation of the immune system. Redoxis look forward to the next five years of collaboration and the research that will be the result of this. We aim to identify candidate ROS amplifier drugs and prodrugs to treat pathogenic conditions arising due to insufficient production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), including autoimmune disease, cancer and bone marrow ablation. We will advance these drugs from lab bench to pre-clinical validation studies obtaining new drugs with strong therapeutic value.

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Open position – Senior Scientist

We are looking to expand our team with a senior scientist with immunology background. Please see attached description for further information. Last day to apply is 23rd of February.

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Eurostars Butterfly project meeting

The H2020 funded Eurostars project BUTTERFLY (E! 12979) is well off and in full speed ahead. This week we had a joint meeting with the collaborating partners SpiroChem and Saverna Therapeutics in Basel in Schweiz. We had a day of good scientific discussions regarding miRNA regulation of autoimmune disease and are looking forward to the continuation of the project.

Marjo Götte (Saverna), Ingrid Yao Mattisson (Redoxis) and Malin Hopkins (Redoxis) representing the biology team within the consortium.
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BioFit 2019

Next week, our Senior scientist PhD Francesco Bez will be at the BioFit meeting in Marseille. Francesco is specialising in neurodegenerative diseases and will be often for discussions on how Redoxis can assist you in projects within this area. Contact him though the partnering system or send him an email if you want to meet up to hear more about Redoxis capacities in preclinical inflammation or neurodegenerative diseases.

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Educational day with Redoxis founders

We started off this week with an educational day including presentations from Professor Rikard Holmdahl and Peter Olofsson on Redoxis background and history followed by a presentation on animal models for RA and their difference in immunological response. The day was much appreciated from both management and operational side and will be a recurrent event.

The Redoxis team and founders
Founder Peter Olofsson presenting the history of Redoxis
Professor Rikard Holmdahl discussion animal models for autoimmune conditions
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