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BioFit 2019

Next week, our Senior scientist PhD Francesco Bez will be at the BioFit meeting in Marseille. Francesco is specialising in neurodegenerative diseases and will be often for discussions on how Redoxis can assist you in projects within this area. Contact him though the partnering system or send him an email if you want to meet up to hear more about Redoxis capacities in preclinical inflammation or neurodegenerative diseases.

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Educational day with Redoxis founders

We started off this week with an educational day including presentations from Professor Rikard Holmdahl and Peter Olofsson on Redoxis background and history followed by a presentation on animal models for RA and their difference in immunological response. The day was much appreciated from both management and operational side and will be a recurrent event.

The Redoxis team and founders
Founder Peter Olofsson presenting the history of Redoxis
Professor Rikard Holmdahl discussion animal models for autoimmune conditions
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Standardized preparation of emulsions results in less variation in vivo – a collaboration with BTB Emulsions

As part of our internal efforts to standardize in vivo models to decrease inter-experimental variations, we have evaluated the POWER emulsion preparation device developed by BTB Emulsions. Using the standardized method for preparing emulsions increase gain of emulsion and decreases person-related variation, adding a new level of stability to our in vivo models. It is well known that models of autoimmunity is sensitive to environmental factors that is difficult to control for. By removing one variable in this procedure, we hope to produce even more stable data over time. For more information on the POWER emulsion device, download the BTB Emulsion pdf.

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Pharma Outsourcing 2019

Come and meet with us during the annual Pharma outsourcing meeting in Stockholm taking place the 10th of December. The meeting includes both presentations from exciting companies as well as a partnering session. Redoxis will exhibit during the meeting and look forward to the interaction with new and exciting partners. The meeting is free of charge for non-service providers. Sign up here.

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Bio-Europe 2019

This week we are excited to attend the 25th edition of Bio-Europe. Redoxis is represented by CEO Malin Hultqvist Hopkins and we are looking forward to new collaborations and discussions as a result of this meeting.

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